About Us

The Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that improves the personal safety of travelers on the roads. ASIRT does this by:
• providing tools to minimize road risks and inform travel decisions
• working to ensure that road safety is a policy priority of decision makers
• leveraging the expertise and resources of U.S. and international institutions to advance road safety worldwide.


Executive Committee
Founder and President
Rochelle Sobel
First Vice President
Judith Kranz
Vice Presidents
Andrew Koblenz
H. Randall Morgan
Paul Blank
Doug Greenhaus
Of Counsel
Marc Friedman

Board of Directors
Bill Bronrott
David Feinman
Linda Katzper
Steve Lieberman
Stein Lundebye

Advisory Board
Daniel Brod
Bill Frederick, Lodestone International
Ambassador Marc Grossman
Dr. Stephen Hargarten

Ambassador Stuart Jones
Marje Lemmon, Yale University
Dr. Solomon Sobel
Robert Wexler



Aron Sobel before his bus crash in Turkey , May 1995

ASIRT was founded in 1995 in response to the death of Aron Sobel who was killed in a bus crash in Turkey along with 22 other passengers from many countries.

The bus driver was speeding down the wrong lane of a narrow, ill-maintained road with a sharp curve and no guard rail. The road had long been on a government list of "black spots" in need of repair. Aron's graduation from the University of Maryland Medical School would have taken place two weeks from the day he was killed.


Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

  • No opportunities are available at this time. Please submit a resume and writing sample for future consideration to csilberman@asirt.org.

Internship Opportunities

Students interested in government, public health, writing or research, are encouraged to apply for postions for fall and spring semesters, as well as summers. Located in Montgomery County, interns can arrange their work hours according to their schedules. If you are interested, please send a resume and writing sample to ASIRT Executive Director Cathy Silberman at csilberman@asirt.org.

Volunteer Opportunities

We rely on volunteers to help with events and administrative tasks. Please email us at asirt@asirt.org and tell us about yourself and your project interests.

The Project Team

Rochelle Sobel Founder and President

Ms. Sobel founded ASIRT in response to her son Aron’s death in a 1995 bus crash in Turkey. Aron, a twenty-five year old medical student, and 22 other passengers were killed in that crash.

Cathy Silberman Executive Director

Ms. Silberman oversees all administrative, fundraising and programmatic efforts for the internationally recognized U.S.-based NGO.

Gayle Nadler Special Projects Manager

Ms. Nadler oversees the education abroad membership programs, in addition to administering fundraising, sponsorship, internship, communication and event planning activities.

Marieannette Otero
International Program Manager

Ms. Otero managed the Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Road Safety Project grant.

TBD Development Manager


Debra Bokur-Rawsthorne Researcher, Journalist

ASIRT encourages governments in developing countries to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries through ongoing dialogue and knowledge sharing. ASIRT promotes U.S. government involvement in road safety abroad through the efforts of the Congressional Caucus on Global Road Safety, increased technical assistance by U.S. agencies with road safety and injury treatment expertise and the involvement of U.S. embassies in road safety initiatives in host countries.


ASIRT’s "Road Travel Reports" inform travelers of road conditions and risks in more than 140 countries. Individuals may purchase reports online.