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ASIRT providesinformation to help travelers make informed road travel decisions.

ASIRT Publications

Road Travel Reports (RTRs)


ASIRT’s user-friendly reports on 150 countries describe general road conditions; frequent road crash sites; national road safety statistics; driver behaviors; driving regulations; urban, rural, night, and seasonal travel precautions; pedestrian, passenger and cycle safety tips; quality and availability of emergency medical care, emergency procedures and contact information.

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A Global Road Safety Toolbox for the Study Abroad Community

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A Global Road Safety Toolbox for the Study Abroad Community is series of checklists and role-play scenarios. Program administrators and students can enhance their understanding of road realities and better plan for road conditions abroad by referring to these useful guidelines.

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Safety Checklists


ASIRT’s Safety Checklists provide comprehensive lists of road safety precautions for pedestrians, passengers, cyclists and drivers when traveling abroad. These lists are excellent resources for corporations, organizations, study abroad program administrators, students, families and individuals planning trips abroad.

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Speak Up For Safety Cards


“Speak up for Safety Cards” are wallet-sized cards that include important road safety phrases in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and English. These language cards are included with a Education Abroad Program subscription.

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Global Country Resources

Review the list of countries' government resources  that provide travelers with notifications and current travel conditions in planned destinations and facilitate government assistance in emergency situations.


Faces Behind the Figures booklets  in English and Spanish capture the painful emotions that accompany crashes. Additionally, a flash created by ASIRT was launched at the First U.N. Global Road Safety Week at WHO headquarters in Geneva in April, 2007. These powerful resources illustrate the universal and devastating impact of road crashes on families and society. Through these moving photographs of road crash victims, we catch a glimpse of the “faces behind the figures” that represent the 1.2 million killed and over 50 million injured in road crashes every year.

Remembrance can be used as an advocacy tool, as well as a memorial. Every third Sunday in November is World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. Click her for additional information.

Road Safety Seminars

ASIRT provides road safety training seminars to Study Abroad Program administrators, Risk Managers, Corporations, Tourist Offices and other Organizations interested in learning how to implement road safety initiatives. Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of the participants and incorporate strategies and resources that enable individuals and groups to make safe, informed decisions when planning trips and while traveling or living abroad. Contact for more information.

For Parents and Educators

It is crucial that people learn about appropriate road safety behavior at a young age, so that the ability to make safe travel choices becomes ingrained within them. Road safety is not always intuitive and children need to be taught safe practices. Many road safety interventions involve school programs designed to educate young children about the issue. It is important to remember, though, that education begins at home. ASIRT has developed materials to help parents and educators of young children teach age-appropriate road safety behavior. Information includes: Walk Safe and Youth Road Safety Education.

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