ASIRT Road Safety FIRST Consortium

ASIRT is assembling a consortium of organizations that are committed to fostering a sustainable reduction in road injuries and fatalities worldwide. The Road Safety FIRST (Free Information for the Road Safety of Travelers) Consortium’s goal is to provide all travelers with the tools they need to make safe, informed decisions while traveling on the roads, thereby minimizing their risk of being injured or killed in a road crash.

Members and advisors include:

BP p.l.c, The Cohen Group, DHL, Shell International Petroleum Company, Tough Logistics, Morgan Languages, Ken Shaw.


The Problem

Many employers invest significant resources on providing their employees with country-specific information that analyzes road cultures and conditions. But this vital information reaches only a small segment of the potential worldwide audience: those company representatives who are working abroad. 

The Solution

What if there was one central source to provide detailed road safety information on every country in the world that would be accessible to everyone—free of charge?  Beneficiaries would include not only drivers, but users of public transportation, pedestrians, and cyclists as well.


For the past two decades, ASIRT has produced comprehensive, country-specific Road Travel Reports (RTRs) to help travelers minimize the risk of being injured or killed in a road crash by providing them with the information they need to make safe, informed choices and decisions while navigating foreign roads. These reports convey specific details about risky roads and driver behaviors, safest transportation options and laws pertaining to foreign travelers. RTR users have told us that they are “extremely useful and offer clear safety guidelines.”

A Shared Responsibility

ASIRT is assembling a consortium of organizations that are committed to making this vital safety information fully accessible to all travelers. We have already received encouragement and support for this effort from several key leaders in the corporate community, including Shell International Petroleum Company, BP and DHL. With the consortium’s support, ASIRT will expand the number of publications it produces and maximize their on-line availability and distribution. We call this new initiative Free Information for the Road Safety of all Travelers (Road Safety FIRST).

Founding Members

Shell International Petroleum Company became a consortium founding member to demonstrate its commitment, not only to protecting its employees, who already have access to the reports, but to sharing them with all travelers. ASIRT welcomes Shell Oil’s commitment and invites other organizations to join us in this new venture. 

More Information

To learn more about the Road Safety FIRST Consortium and the Road Safety FIRST Initiative, please contact Cathy Silberman, Executive Director, ASIRT, at To become a member, click here.