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The safest traveler is the well-informed traveler. While road safety conditions in a country affect its own citizens, travelers remain a highly vulnerable group of road users in any country due to their lack of familiarity with the local road laws, road culture, road conditions and travel options. Prepare yourself by using ASIRT's road safety resources and become a member of one of our road safety programs.



Now that you have your passport and confirmed your travel arrangements, do you know where you're going? Where you're REALLY going?
Purchase Road Travel Reports for your
destination countries and automatically
become a member of ASIRT.

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Study Abroad

High schools, colleges, universities, faculty members, and study abroad programs can join ASIRT to access important resources that enable administrators and risk managers to plan safe road travel itineraries. Membership levels are based on the number travelers and country reports required. Learn more.

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Nonprofits and Missions

Special membership rates are available for community service organizations whose mission includes global travel.

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Corporations increasingly demand a zero-
tolerance policy for employee and fleet safety issues. ASIRT corporate members can
commission road travel reports with information specific to travel destinations and requirements. Members can also make all Road Travel Reports available to employees.

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Road Safety Consortium

Safety-minded Individuals, corporations, foundations and sponsors support ASIRT in its mission to make road safety information available to all travelers.

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Informed Travelers

Important ASIRT resources are available for all vulnerable road users:

  Travelers' tips and experiences

Access free Country Reports and Safety Tips:

Safe Driving Pledge:

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